Aim of the Program

Aim of The Program

The purpose and the structure of the program

The MBA program that was started in September, 1998 and had first graduates in January, 2001 was orientated to the global education standards the Doğuş University aspires, aiming at improving global managerial knowledge and skills of gifted graduates who have intentions to plan an individual career plan in management.

The philosophy of the MBA program is based on facilitating scientific and vocational training of next generation managers who have a global vision in Turkey whose integration with the world will gain a momentum in the 21st century. Doğuş University is looking for candidates who are adaptable, responsible, creative, and interested in the business world. The MBA program at Doğuş University that basically focuses on improving the leadership skills of middle- and top-level managers equips participants with contemporary and in depth knowledge in management, finance, marketing, human resource management and international business.

The structure of the program

The MBA program at Doğuş University includes thesis and non-thesis options. The MBA with thesis requires 24 (8 courses and a seminar) ECTS and a dissertation. The students are required to complete the courses and a seminar in 4 semesters and the program in 6 semesters. The MBA with non-thesis includes 30 ECTS (10 courses) and a MBA project. The students are required to complete the program maximally in 3 semesters. The semesters that are not enrolled are counted. The one academic year includes 2 semesters, each having 14 weeks. The students are required to have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

The medium of language in MBA program is Turkish and English. The courses are in progress from Monday to Friday between at 07:00 pm and 09:50 pm.