Aim of the Program

Objectives of the Program

The objective of Dogus University Social Sciences Institute, Communication Sciences Master Program is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to communication studies, to discuss events, phenomena and problems by using theoretical and analytical perspectives based on scientific study methods, and enable students to transform them into scientific research, study and publication. The program aims to provide students with the opportunity to specialize through elective courses, application and research projects and thesis work, while providing a theoretical background that can be the basis for all areas of communication.


Dogus University Social Sciences Institute, Communication Sciences Master Program offers students the opportunity of graduation with or without a thesis. Communication Sciences Non-Thesis, English / Turkish Master's Program is designed to educate individuals who do not make a distinction between the theoretical aspects of communication, culture, art and their production process and who have high levels of social responsibility and analytical skills. The program provides a theoretical and methodological background for students to comprehend the position of communication in the historical perspective, the place of visual culture in the social fabric, the language and effect of media messages and the complex relationship between media, popular culture and social relations.


The courses offered by Dogus University Communication Sciences Master Program are designed to enable students to discuss contemporary communication topics at the graduate level and not to create equivalence problems with graduate programs of world universities. The Master's Program in Communication Sciences aims to open joint programs in collaboration with world universities and to ensure that graduate students are put into practice as accredited experts and academicians around the world. This program aims to contribute to the realization of intercultural interaction through international cooperation and to create a common awareness among the world and Turkish universities within the discipline of communication studies.


Communication Sciences Master Program with Thesis aims to produce graduate studies (theses) that will contribute to the knowledge in the discipline of communication studies; The Master's Program without Thesis is designed for students who wish to develop themselves in a specific area of ​​communication rather than continuing academic studies. After completing their courses, students in this program graduate by preparing an application project in a chosen field instead of thesis.


Structure of the Program:

In order to have the master's degree in communication sciences, students who are accepted to the program with thesis are obliged to 4 compulsory and 4 elective courses with a total of 24 credits (120 ECTS) plus the thesis. On the other hand, students in the program without thesis are obliged to fulfill 3 compulsory and 7 elective courses with a total of 30 credits (90 ECTS). In addition, a successful application project and a minimum average of 3.00 are among the graduation requirements.


Applicants who have completed their undergraduate education outside the field of communication are required to successfully complete the scientific preparation program consisting of 3 compulsory courses.