Aim of the Program

Aim and Structure of the Program
Language of the Program: Turkish
Type of the Program: With/Without Thesis
Aim of the Program: The main purpose of the programs is to comprehend the essence and evolution of the rules of law and to educate lawyers and experts who have the ability to identify and analyze new legal problems that occur in a globalizing world. As a result of the studies to be conducted within the scope of the programs, it is aimed for our students to provide a wealth of justification in the decisions, studies and investigations regarding the principles that form the basis of the discipline of law.
The priority of the programs is to help our students to follow the developments in the fields of National and International Commercial Law and especially in Capital Market Law, Company Law, Competition Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Consumer Law, Law of Obligations and Modern Contract Types areas; to be able to apply the knowledge gained in these branches in national and international legal conflicts; to develop the ability to evaluate and solve new legal problems. In this way, in addition to follow the changes in legal system, lawyers and experts capable of creating the law of tomorrow will be educated. In this context, the thesis study, which is envisaged to be written for the completion of the Master of Law Program with Thesis, includes the ability to evaluate and interpret the knowledge obtained as a result of scientific research in the field of private law. The semester project to be written within the Private Law Master Program without Thesis shows how the information obtained at the end of the program can be used in practice; it will reflect the new competences gained in specific areas of law.
Structure of the Program: As in general practice, this program will be implemented in two main ways:
The program consists of 7 courses all of which are elective / 21 credit hours, seminar course and Master thesis.
The without-thesis program consists of a total of 10 courses / 30 credit hours and semester projects, all of which are elective (provided that graduated students from a different Faculty than the Faculty of Law have the compulsory courses in the form of scientific preparation).
The program is designed to give our student the maximum degree of choice in different areas. All courses are elective; It deals with current developments and problems in the branches of private law.
The language of instruction of the program is Turkish. Students will be free to adjust their own pace in the way that their daily lives allow. In particular, students who are in the working life are expected to plan their programs according to their needs. The normal course of the Private Law Program with Thesis is expected to be completed in 4 semesters. On the other hand, Private Law Non-Thesis Program is expected completed in 3 semesters which may be extended for a while.
Lessons will generally be held between 19.00 and 22.00 during weekday evening hours.